Saturday, December 25, 2010

Scosche Carbon Fiber Folio Case for iPad

As vocal as I have ever been on my declaration of love for the Marware Eco-Vue, the search for the perfect iPad case is long from over.  This time meet Scosche's Folio Case for iPad.  If Marware's Eco-Vue is all about classiness with a more familiar design, the Scosche case is all about being sleek, bold and sexy.  No wonder it's JARVIS' current suit (dubbed as JARVIS' superhero suit).

Look at how thin an iPad (with a case) can get.
Scosche Folio Case highlights all the iPad's curves and lines as if there is no case installed.  It's mainly made of injection molded hard shell to cover only parts of the iPad that needed covering (when it needs to be covered).  Comparing to cars, the Eco-Vue fits more of a classic sedan while this Scosche Folio case was designed to be the convertible coupe - the top disappears whenever it is not needed.  Scosche should have named this as the Folio Convertible Case instead.  To complete the coupe analogy, did I mention that it comes with carbon fiber trimmings?


  • Suede interior lining for enhanced protection
  • Three-position landscape viewing
  • Ultra low-profile design
  • Open design allows complete access to all connections and controls

Type away comfortably (as if there's no case).

If Apple would have designed another case for the iPad, it would definitely look more like the Scosche Folio Case.
Multiple viewing angles to choose from.

- sleek design
- multiple viewing angles
- less intrusive cover
- comfortable and lightweight

- offers less protection to the iPad compared to similar folio-type cases (like the Marware Eco-Vue)

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